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Hydroseeding, Seeding & Hydromulching

Our pros will make your yard green in no time!

Hydroseeding or Hydromulching is a fast, cost effective way to get a new lawn at less than half the cost of sod.

Hydromulching is a process of mixing seed, fertilizer and fiber-mulch with water in correct proportions inside a tank, then spraying the slurry into designated areas of your yard. This process is used by professional turf companies in many areas to install premium lawns and is rapidly gaining recognition throughout the country.

Hydroseeding costs only a little more than traditional dry seeding methods. It is usually less than 1/2 the cost of using sod. The best part is, in a few weeks you will have a beautiful lawn coming in with no need to worry if the sod you just paid for will take.

We provide our services in the Minot, ND area but will travel throughout the state and into neighboring states if necessary.
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